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M.E.T Preparatory (Quranic Literacy): Daily Du'a

Salam Dearest Readers,

In this post, we have 11 Daily Du'a Cards created by our guest writer, Ummi Rehan for our little ones to explore.

1) Du'a before eating

2) Du'a after eating

3) Du'a before entering toilet

4) Du'a leaving toilet

5) Du'a before sleeping

6) Du'a upon waking up

7) Du'a before study

8) Du'a upon taking vehicle

9) Du'a asking forgiveness for parents

10) Du'a asking goodness for both worlds

11) Du'a leaving the house

Happy exploring!

Much Love,

Ummi Rehan

Bint Ibrahim_Pre Madrasah Daily Du_a
Download PDF • 936KB

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