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M.E.T Preparatory (Bahasa Melayu): Set 1 Suku Kata Terbuka

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Salam Dearest Readers,

In the M.E.T Preparatory journey, Bahasa Melayu seems to be one of the challenging subject for most children. This is due to probably lack of exposure and we seems to not be using it the proper way when being spoken.

Flashing cards, playing videos/songs on YouTube, playing card games might be some of the ways you may try with your kids on a frequent basis to make them familiar with the words.

In this post, we have prepared for you 40 common item words in Bahasa Melayu focusing on "Suku Kata Terbuka".

"Suku Kata Terbuka" ends with the vocals "a, e, i, o, u"

(Suku kata terbuka adalah suku kata yang berakhir dengan vokal.)

We have attached 2 types of files.

1) in PDF format: You can open it using any gadget/laptop for flashing and revision on the go.

2) in PNG format: You may copy and paste it anywhere you want for editing.

Happy exploring!

Much Love,

Mudarrisah Lisa

Set 1 Suku Kata Terbuka
Download PDF • 2.15MB

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