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M.E.T Preparatory (Arabic): Arabic Vocabs Mock Test

Salam Dearest Readers,

With this 12 pages worksheet, you can explore/expose/revise with the little ones the different themes of Arabic Vocabs.

In the Classroom (stationaries), Animals, Body Parts, Fruits, Colours, Places and People.

For 4y or beginner learners, we encourage you to closely guide them. You have to start with flashing cards. Going through the Arabic Vocabs by themes.

For 5y, 6y or advanced learners, this worksheet serve as practice or a mock test to revise.

We encourage you to read every instruction before completing.

1) Tick the correct answer.

2) Match the correct answer.

3) Colour the circle accordingly.

4) Circle the correct answer.

5) Colour accordingly.

Happy exploring!

Much Love,

Mudarrisah Lisa

15 Arabic Vocabs Mock Test
Download PDF • 706KB


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