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2020 Home Based Learning Kit: Part 3

Salam Dearest Readers,

In this post, we have uploaded 30 Days Home Based Learning Kit, adding on to your homeschool resources collection.

Happy exploring!

Much Love,

Mudarrisah Lisa

LICHBLKit21_Ramadhan Special_Huruf Hijaiyyah Lantern
Download PDF • 438KB

LICHBLKit22_Ramadhan Special_5 Pillars of Islam
Download PDF • 469KB

LICHBLKit23_Ramadhan Special_Wudhu_ Steps
Download PDF • 540KB

LICHBLKit24_Ramadhan Special_Solat Steps
Download PDF • 530KB

LICHBLKit25_Ramadhan Special_25 Prophets
Download PDF • 613KB

LICHBLKit26_Ramadhan Special_Ramadhan Activities (without printing)
Download PDF • 415KB

LICHBLKit27_Ramadhan Special_Ramadhan Vocabularies (Flashcard)
Download PDF • 396KB

LICHBLKit28_Ramadhan Special_Ramadhan Word Search
Download PDF • 460KB

LICHBLKit29_Ramadhan Special_Thankfulness
Download PDF • 374KB

LICHBLKit30_Ramadhan Special_Arqam Matching
Download PDF • 221KB

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