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2020 Home Based Learning Kit: Part 1

Salam Dearest Readers,

In this post, we have uploaded 30 Days Home Based Learning Kit, adding on to your homeschool resources collection.

Happy exploring!

Much Love,

Mudarrisah Lisa

LICHBLKit01_10 Daily Du_a Cards
Download PDF • 449KB

LICHBLKit02_Huruf Hijaiyyah Ice-Cream Template
Download PDF • 410KB

LICHBLKit03_Fishing Huruf Hijaiyyah Activity
Download PDF • 558KB

LICHBLKit04_Do-a-dot Arqam
Download PDF • 418KB

LICHBLKit05_Number 1-40 (English)
Download PDF • 422KB

LICHBLKit06_Fingerpint Graph (2 sets)
Download PDF • 493KB

LICHBLKit07_Egg Cracking (Arabic _ Numeracy)
Download PDF • 517KB

LICHBLKit08_Arqam Board Game
Download PDF • 385KB

LICHBLKit09_Fruits Activity (Arabic _ English)
Download PDF • 765KB

LICHBLKit10_Animals Puzzle (Arabic)
Download PDF • 1.65MB

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